Apart from makeup and skin preparation, we all wish to have beautiful, healthy skin. But guess what, it isn’t as simple as it seems from this phrase. A lot of effort and attention are required to keep your skin as healthy and young as possible. We must take daily care of our skin. This is because our skin is constantly exposed to direct and harmful UV sun rays, dirt particles, and pollution in the air. We must start our day-to-day makeup with some essential beauty elements despite following a healthy lifestyle.

For those who aren’t sure, our skin repairs at night when we relieve all our stresses; thus, special attention and care are required to give ourselves a perfect look. All of us ladies must follow a few tips before putting makeup on our faces again. Certain beauty elements can help prep your skin and give you the perfect gaze or appeal.

Seven must-dos we all need to follow

Do you want to know how to prepare the skin before makeup? You can try the following tips before applying makeup to your face.

1. Double cleansing

This is the most essential and initial step to follow in skin preparation before putting on some makeup. Wash your face with soap, and then use a cleanser. The cleanser can be oil-based or in the form of foam. Both ways, the cleaners help remove all types of impurities from the face. You can first use an oil-based cleanser and then apply cleanser foam to eradicate any minute impurities.

Selecting the most suitable type of cleanser for your skin is crucial. If your skin is sensitive, avoid using glycol-based cleaners. These tend to cause irritation and inflammation on the skin. Next, look for a PH-balanced cleanser. The PH of our facial skin is around 5 or 6. If you have normal skin with no acne, opt for a cleaner with the same ph. as your skin. But for ladies with severe acne, purchase cleansers that lean towards the acidic side. This will help to fight against acne-causing bacteria.

2. Exfoliate 

We all wish to have a beautiful and non-cakey makeup look for every event. But have you ever wondered what causes makeup to become so cakey? Well, all the credit goes to the dead cells. These cells are embedded within the skin. An exfoliator is the last hope for getting rid of such dead cells. Your everyday makeup must consist of an exfoliator. The exfoliator helps to scrub away dead skin cells. Your exfoliator must have small circular granules that can easily wipe off dead skin cells.

After you exfoliate, wash your face with lukewarm water.

3. Toner or serum 

After you are done cleansing and exfoliating your precious skin, the next important thing is to apply toner or serum to the face. Your morning skincare routine must have a toner for oily skin and a serum for dry skin. Once you have used the toner or serum on the front, let it dry for some time before you start the next step. Your toner or serum must have vitamin C, which helps to uncover the smooth skin cells, sodium hyaluronate, which tends to preserve moisture, and lastly, herbs.

4. Eye cream 

You must be wondering that applying cream over the eyes isn’t a great option, but I suppose you might be wrong. Just like toners and serums, eye cream is a significant part of your morning skincare routine. The portion of your skin around the eyes is very delicate; hence, the application of eye cream over the skin is essential, as it helps to tone out the skin of the eye and moisturizes it well. Therefore, it is very important to apply eye cream around the corners of the eye as it helps to freshen up the eye region.

5. Moisturizer 

This part of your makeup routine is unquestionable. Everyone wants to moisturize their skin according to their skin type. Whether the skin is oily or dry, you must hydrate it with moisturizer. Make sure you don’t rub it all over the face but instead press the moisturizer on your face. When you apply skin moisturizer to the skin, it penetrates deep inside the skin and helps to freshen up the skin cells of the face. Purchase the right and suitable type of moisturizer for your skin so that it helps to keep the skin stimulated.

6. Primer 

After you have applied moisturizer, the next step is to use a primer. The purpose of the primer is to help fill up the lines so that makeup does not cause any creasing. The next primer helps to act as a protective barrier that prevents the skin oil from seeping into the moisturizer and then the makeup.

Your primer must consist of silicone. This helps to keep the skin as smooth as possible. if you have acne on your face, opt for a light green primer, which will help to maintain your smooth skin of yours.

7. Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are ideal for providing great nourishment to the skin. But, a sleeping mask is applied mostly at night. It is to be applied three times a week. It is either in cream or gel form. The sleeping mask is applied at night, and after you take it off, you must clean your face with warm water to clear off the cream or gel.

Wrap up

All the above-stated skin preparation are highly important in skin preparation before makeup. Moreover, they help to keep your skin glowing and healthy. You can make use of these tips even at night to slay that perfect makeup look.

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