Today, I will share one of the top trending bloggers in Pakistan from whom most married women can get inspired. Merium Pervaiz is the top-trending female blogger in Pakistan. She is a 26-year-old lady with a toddler who gained fame and had a great name in the world of blogging. She got too much respect and love from their audience. Actually, she is the most honest reviewer. She is running two separate fields at the same time, On the one hand, she is the best beauty blogger. On the other hand, she is running a cooking channel and sharing the best recipes.

Beauty with the Brain

Beauty with the brain is the best title to give this personality, “Merium Pervaiz,” and no doubt, she is beautiful. As well, she is working very hard to facilitate the audience and provide them with the best beauty tips. She is the most honest blogger and will give you an honest review of any product. It is not wrong to say that she is loyal to their subscribers because she only promotes things that are useful for them.

She is running a beauty channel with the name Merium Pervaiz with 1.24 million subscribers and another channel with the name Marium’s Tarka with 237k subscribers. She has a huge fan following, and her Instagram has 570k plus followers.

Merium Pervaiz: Marriage is a hurdle in their way to success.

Merium Pervaiz is the best example of all those ladies who think that marriage is a hurdle in their way to success. She is the true inspiration for all those married ladies. how nicely she is managing her married life with a baby, along with her social media life. After watching her, how can one say that, after marriage, it isn’t impossible to live your dreams?

Yes, if you have courage and motivation, you can achieve your goal, and you can fulfill your dreams. She has some videos on her YouTube channel regarding this issue and how you can pursue your dream.

So, I must say to follow Merium Pervaiz if you haven’t already, and try to get some motivation. Even though she is a good influencer, when she sees anything that is useful for her audience, she always prefers to share that thing with her followers. My best wishes are with her, and I’ll say to her, “Merium Pervaiz, more power to you.” For more interesting tips and stories, visit Secret Behind Words.