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10 Last-Minute Beauty Hacks | Makeup Ideas For Beginners

Makeup Ideas For Beginners

Why exactly do you need quick makeup hacks?

Though you may be a big makeup freak, oftentimes you may run out of time due to your casual tasks and need some last-minute beauty hacks for quick and easy makeup. But here comes the main issue. Although we keep watching a plethora of natural remedies, makeup ideas, hair styling, and makeup hacks on social media, very few of these ideas for beginners.

In a situation when you are in a hurry and need a quick makeup hack, you cannot risk your time and efforts on some useless hacks. Instead, you need some genuine ideas to overcome the situation you’re stuck in. So, to survive such hasty situations, we have brought you the top last-minute beauty hacks that actually work.

Stick with us and enjoy the awesome hacks so that the makeup looks easy even when you have no time for the long procedures.

Top 10 No-Time Makeup Ideas for Beginners

No wonder there are a lot of useless makeup hacks on the internet, but here is a list of genuine ones that will save you time and effort yet give you the perfect hair and makeup looks and also easy makeup ideas for beginners.

1. Starting with the primer

What if you have a date in 20 minutes and you run out of primer? What would you do, for instance? Although you may apply makeup without a primer, it will not give you that stunning look that a primer helps you achieve. Just grab that aloe vera, slice it and apply the gel to your face. Don’t you have aloe vera? No worries, Grab some ice cubes from the refrigerator and slide them over your whole face. The perfect primed skin is ready!

2. The instant highlighter

Want an instant highlighter? Check out this hack. Take two eyeshadows, crush them, and pour the fine powder into a container (preferably a pump bottle). Add some coconut oil and shake to mix. Your highlighter is ready to apply.

3. The quick-dry nail polish

No time to let the nail polish dry out in the air? Take some water in a bowl, pour some ice cubes and dip your nails in that cold water. Wait for a minute and voilà! The perfect nails are ready to go.

4. Trending colored eyeliners

Want those trending colored eyeliners at home? No need to spend fortunes, no need to wait for shopping. Instead, create them at your home in just 5 minutes! Yes, you read it right – just 5 minutes. What are those colored pencils on your study table doing? Take some hot water and dip their pigmented parts in it. Wait 5 minutes, and your colored eyeliner pencils are ready. Go trendy!

5. Pimples right on the special day

Almost every girl wonders how pimples get to know about the special events and they pop up right before the day. No worries, now. Say goodbye to the pimples overnight. Take some aloe vera gel, mix some toothpaste in it and mix. Now grab a cotton swab and coat your pimples with the aloe vera-toothpaste mixture and go to sleep. Wake up to a clean and clear face the next morning.

6. The perfect hair day

Shampoo and hairstyling are the main components of a perfect hair day. But that takes too long for an urgent call for an event or a get-together. So what’s the quick hack for this? Simply grab that dry shampoo and sprinkle it over the roots of the hair. Don’t you have dry shampoo? No worries. The talcum powder serves the same purpose on your hair. Use it in place of dry shampoo and enjoy the perfect hair.

7. Curls in no time

Want instant curls? No problem, it’s just a straightener away. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself instead. Part your hair in two portions. After that, roll each part like a rope from root to tip. Now hold your straightener on each rolled part. Do it from top to bottom for the whole length of your hair. Leave the hair and open the rolls. There you go—the perfect yet instant curls!

8. The 3-in-1 spray

Again, aloe vera is a wonderful ingredient for beauty remedies. Above all, it keeps your skin healthy and glowing. While it serves as a primer, it is also a makeup fixer, toner, and mist. Take some aloe vera gel, mix some water, and put rose water in it. spray all over the face after makeup to fix your makeup. On the other hand, you can use it in the skincare routine as a toner and mist. There’s no need to keep separate products. This mixture has got you a 3-in-1 remedy handy to use.

9. Makeup with a single product

Imagine your crush calls you for a meet-up in 10 minutes, and you have no makeup at the moment. Open your bag and you find lipstick—lucky you. Now see how a single lipstick can do wonders. First of all, contour your face using that lipstick. Then use it as eyeshadow, and finally as lipstick. ready for the meet-up, go ahead!

10. Dirty beauty blender

Beauty-blender gone dirty? Well, washing it will take too much time for quick makeup. So, what else can you use instead of a beauty blender? A brush, a sponge? But nothing can beat the fineness of your fingers. So, whenever you’re using a dirty beauty blender while in hurry, consider using your fingertips, and seeing the magic.


A perfect makeup look is something that requires time and preparation. However, when you’re in a hurry, it can frustrate you. So, in such situations, you need some quick solutions. Despite so many beauty remedies and hacks on the internet, we have gathered some last-minute beauty hacks that actually work and give you that perfect hair and makeup look. Now you don’t need to stress out even when you run out of makeup or need an instant solution to your hair and makeup needs. Also really very easy makeup ideas for beginners too. For more compelling posts, please visit Secret Behind Words. For quick updates, you can follow us on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Stay beautiful, and glow every day!

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